New Beginnings

Springtime is the epitome of regeneration. Trees are budding with new leaves, flowers begin to bloom, the birds serenade us with their sweet melodies. As the chill and bleakness of winter end, new beginnings are all around.

It wasn't an easy decision to re-brand my blog. After all, three years of memories, accomplishments, adversity, and adventure were there. Truthfully, all I wanted to do was change the aesthetics (hello type 4). However, being as unsophisticated and un-savvy in terms of web development as I am, I ended up creating a whole new site. The clean slate and prospect of new ideals won over the nostalgia of attempting to take the time to salvage the old and familiar.

I highly suggest using for creating your website. It is both cost effective and creatively rewarding and easy. If I can do it - so can you.

Anyway. Here we are.

The empty section was literally calling out to me to "write your first post." I felt excited and scared and ill equipped all over again. I felt that same sense of doubt that I did over three years ago; a brand new mama, lonely and lost, and just looking for a space to share my thoughts and build a community for others feeling the same way.

This new season finds me as a mom of two earth bound babies and one in heaven, a wife of ever growing wisdom and strength. And forever and always a daughter of the Most High King. Family, Faith, and Fitness - that is what I have always been passionate about. Somehow, all three seem to revolve around each other and I look forward to building on each foundation through this new beginning.

If you get too sentimental (aka if you are a woman after my own heart)

you can always revisit memory lane by clicking here:

Old blog posts will still be available to view, but will no longer be linked to this specific site. But take heart - I think this new adventure is going to be one heck of a ride.

I hope you will join me & subscribe here.

xoxo Nicole

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