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Advent Series Day 4

One of the best parts about becoming a parent is reliving the excitement of childhood - especially during the Holiday season! There is something so special about the over excitement to open up presents on Christmas morning. Think about the most excited your child, niece/nephew, grandson/daughter ever was opening a gift from you!!

Now imagine how much excited the angels must have been when Jesus was born - the hope they knew firsthand?? They were singing and praising Him from above with the same eager excitement that our kids have. Except this gift was life giving (and didn't require batteries).

The angels weren't the only ones excited! Let us not forget the hopeful shepherds and wise men! Israel itself had been waiting (for what probably seemed like an eternity) to meet their promised Messiah.

Yesterday I talked about the first glimpse of Hope in Genesis 3. Now, let's explore the hope of the Messiah, and why this is so important!

Watch this amazing video from the Bible Project and tell me if you would be as excited as the others.

Daily Scripture:

We have this hope as an anchor for our souls, strong and steadfast.

in Love & Christ,