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5 Tips For Goal Setting

SO you had goals for 2020...and the next thing you know it’s already Jan. 10th, March 17th, or June 30th.

Sound familiar?

The good thing is you have goals. The negative is that (if you’re like me) you are probably feeling discouraged if you haven’t started or striven towards meeting those goals yet.

Girl, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Unfortunately, I find myself in this predicament often. I have so many ideas and not enough time or resources to follow through, or I have the time/resources but feel too overwhelmed where I am, therefore, I don’t even know where/what to start!

Still following?

The latter is where I am currently sitting and writing with you. I ended the year with anticipation and excitement for what the new year would bring. There is something about starting fresh on the first that yields great expectations for new beginnings and inspiring inaugurations.

But somewhere between Christmas and now I lost the momentum I believed I had been building. Instead of hustling hard during nap time or when the kids went to bed, I found myself scrubbing floors, folding endless laundry, and falling asleep faster than my eyes could close (& that’s not saying those are bad things - just not what I had intended). And with it, all my ideas and intentions; my new Etsy shop, my New Release party, planning my daughter’s first birthday, my lesson planning and blog posts - it all fell asleep, too.

Your story may be like mine or look entirely different. These words may resonate with you or fall on weary eyes wondering what I have to offer you if I am such a mess myself.

I preface this all to tell you simply - YOU CAN TRUST ME.

You can trust that what I write is what I am living.

You can trust that you are not the only one who dreams big but loves sleep.

You can trust that these words are not for likes, follows, or to boast - but to help, encourage, and inspire you.

Here are my 5 tips for getting started on reaching goals when you don’t know where to begin!

1. Give yourself space

Ok, you’re probably thinking - I have given myself enough space, that’s why I haven’t started anything yet. WRONG.

There is a difference between giving yourself space to take your time and really set your intentions and choosing not to do anything at all.

By giving yourself space and taking time to evaluate what it is you want to accomplish, you can more clearly plan and brainstorm your goals and get a better idea of how to build the momentum you need and stay consistent in it.

I have grown to love this time of peace, not working towards any goal but just simply being present. It has allowed me to see where my heart desires really lie and it has given me a better foundation for which I want to build on.

I felt guilty for not goal setting or hustling - because the world tells us that is how we “make it.” If we’re not crushing goals, we’re not growing; whether that is in fitness, your business, or school. While I can see some truth in that, I am going to be the rebel and tell you - THAT IS A LIE.

Take your time, just be intentional with it.

2. Brainstorm

One way to be intentional with the space you are taking is by brainstorming! Maybe you have a specific goal in mind but have no idea where to begin or feel overwhelmed by literally everything (my hand is WAY up here)!?

In the little moments where you find yourself scrolling away on social media, stop yourself from comparing and open up notes or grab a pen and paper and jot down whatever is on your mind.

Whenever I read advice on brainstorming I always tend to think it means “write down brilliant ideas as they come.” By taking time and giving myself space from the constant goal setting, I have learned that brainstorming is best when you are writing down EVERYTHING; your good thoughts, your scary dreams, your anxious inquiries.

Our brain is our main b and what comes out is a product of what we put in. We sometimes don’t even realize it until we see it in written word, or hear ourselves voice it out loud.

3. Plan a date with a friend

One of the best things I have found to help me get started on my goals was sharing everything I had brainstormed with a friend(s). Sometimes we need to hear ourselves speak a goal, or an idea, to really allow ourselves to see it through.

There is something about accountability that makes these ideas and dreams an actual reality. Having someone encourage and cheer you on helps your mind to believe that you will achieve the goal you are setting.

So find your best hype girl and ask her to be your partner this year.

As a busy mom of two, teacher, entrepreneur, and wife - making time to sit and chat over coffee sounds like a dream I don’t have time for. So when I say plan a date with a friend, know that it doesn’t have to be a tiresome activity you need to account for. It shouldn’t be an added stress. There are resources that make it possible for me to connect with my Mastermind friends whenever I need/have time; Voxer, Marco Polo, Messenger - these are all great ways to partner up.

I would encourage you to make at least one in person date. There is something about face to face interaction that cannot be beat. I am thankful for friends who are willing to let our kids have a playdate while we talk out our goals or expectations! It adds the extra accountability to yourself when you know that now another person also is in on what you are working towards!

Because there will be moments you want to quit, cry, or let anxieties overwhelm you once more.

4. Pick just ONE thing to start/focus on

Hashing your goals out with a friend can also help you to decide how to get started with your goal. Friends you trust may have an idea you didn’t think of or advice from working towards the same goal.

I believe the BEST way to get started is to choose ONE thing first. Sometimes it’s hard to know which thing should be the first to focus on - and that is when it really helps to communicate with others.

If losing weight is your goal, maybe the first thing you focus on is meal prepping. Then you can break it down more; browse Pinterest for meal ideas, write out your meals for the week, go grocery shopping and only buy what you need.

A big goal of mine for this year was to rebuild my UBAM team. I LOVE this book business and all it has to offer. But I can’t share all the amazing benefits of Usborne Books & More if I am not booking parties. So my ONE thing to focus on right now is scheduling parties. In order to do that best, I needed to refine some systems I had in place; where I kept my contacts, what platform I was using, and fine tune my hostess coaching and party templates!

Whatever it is you are working towards - you start with just ONE thing. It took a long time for me to accept that I could not do everything at once and do it well. Don’t make my mistakes ( even though making mistakes is inevitable - the difference is we learn from them, not let them defeat us).

5. Celebrate little wins!

Even if you start working towards your goals and you find yourself excelling, there may come a point where you lose the momentum and start to fall behind.

Hear this: THAT IS OK!

If you try and fail, if you start but stop, if you are hustling hard and hit a wall - that is ok. Every successful person has experienced this. The difference is that they get back up and try again.

Sometimes, for me personally, just getting up in the morning and writing is a win. I may not publish what I’m writing for another two weeks - but I did it. And that deserves a small celebration. Because ultimately it means I am trying. I am not quitting just because the kids need more attention this week or there were activities I had not planned on, or whatever life may throw my way.

Instead of stopping completely, pick yourself back up and get goal getting.

These little tips are not groundbreaking, they are not guaranteed to make your goals come true. But I hope that you find encouragement within the words and maybe something you hadn’t thought of before.

I have this verse on my phone to also help remind me that no matter what goals I have, no matter what or how well I plan, ultimately my life is in the Lord’s hands.

So, no matter where you are today, tomorrow is a new beginning.

Go get them goals.

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