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10 Bible Verses for Assurance Against Anxiety.

Updated: May 3, 2019

Have you ever thought about time? Not like, “what time is it?” But time ; like every moment that passes after I write these words is history. Isn’t it fascinating how life can completely change in a flash. That is how I feel about becoming a Momma.

Everything I thought I knew about myself, about life - about anything really- changed the moment I met my beautiful baby boy. I knew from the minute I entered the post partum room; that was the end of life as I knew it.

I don't think I slept those first 48 hours. My heart, my mind, my whole being was fully aware of every sensation I was capable of experiencing. The greatest perception, unfortunately (then and now), is my anxiety.

Today, I have not felt this overwhelmed since that first week home with Andy. Every cough, cry, and napless moment left me feeling defeated, discouraged, and, almost dead inside. Numb. That my friends, was a terrifying moment.

You truly don't know the warrior you were created to be, until the battle is beside you and it's time to fight or flee. I fought. But not alone. That is the important part, the game changer. Anyone can fight, but it takes a warrior to surrender.

I finally found peace tonight; by the words of affirmation from my husband (bless that man for picking me up when I start to crumble, and remind me who I am), and the Truth found in scripture. So I decided to put together my 10 favorite Bible verses for battling anxiety.

I feel that it is necessary to note: I sincerely and absolutely believe in the power of these words. However, I do not believe, think, or consider these to be a substitute for those who suffer severe panic attacks. Again, there is power in these words, but anxiety is a real issue that sometimes needs the wisdom and direction of a professional.

I am disinterested in attempting to make the impression that by reading these scripts, life will automatically get easy. That is false. However, there is great hope and an increased peace that I find most beneficial when I consistently turn to these Truths.

All scripture was taken from the ESV translation.

1. 1 Peter 5:7

2. Philippians 4:6-7

3. Psalms 94:19

4. Matthew 6:34

5. Joshua 1:9

6. Isaiah 35:4

7. Hebrews 11:1

8. Psalms 61:2

9. Psalms 55:22

10. Matthew 28:11

All scripture designs were personally created using the Canva app. I took a lot of time and prayer selecting and developing these images with the hope that they would serve as encouraging for you as they have been for me. Please feel free to save, share, pin, or post to any of your favorite social or personal locations.

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