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A Love Letter to My Forever Man Crush.

I never did that whole #mcm thing..but I found the above photograph this week, and it was too sweet not to share.

Circa 2011..our 2 year anniversary at the Shed. Gosh, we look like babies.

I am so blessed to have grown with this babe. We've seen each other through some of the WORST times (I am pretty sure couples have divorced for less than what we've gone through)! There were definitely days I never thought we'd make it. To be honest, sometimes I hoped we wouldn't. The emo in me wanted to believe it would hurt less to lose you than to love you.

But somehow, for some reason, we always came back to each other. There are still days I want to throw every shoe at you (insert shrug emoji), but the good absolutely out way the bad.

You are my best friend. My other half. The one that was created for me. You understand me better than I understand myself, and you love me with a selfless and relentless love only second to Jesus.

Thank you for working so hard so I can stay home with our son. Thank you for being a provider for our family; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful, even though I feel like a cow and have lost faith of ever fitting in this T-shirt again (tears). Thank you for being an amazing father and husband.

I can go on and on and on. But who really wants to read all this sappy love stuff anyway, right?

Cheers my darling. I love you.